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Prices Changes for Haad Salad Accommodation 2015

January 22nd, 2015 | Posted by Salad Daze in Comment - (Comments Off on Prices Changes for Haad Salad Accommodation 2015)

I have just updated the prices for the hotels, resorts and backpacker places on Salad beach for 2015. We use as they offer the best prices of all the major booking engines.

I noticed that virtually all the accommodation providers in Haad Salad hadn’t changed their prices for 2015. The only exceptions were Salad Hut (cheapest hut had gone up $3), Haadlad Prestige Resort (again just an extra $3 for their cheapest room) and Salad Buri Resort and Spa. The later has had quite a price hike going from $59 to $70 for their best value rooms.

This is great news for beach lovers. It points to a few possible conclusions. The falling price of oil has meant costs have dropped and so the same prices equate to more profits. Another possibility is that the law of supply and demand has led to few resort owners feeling confident enough to rise prices without gifting customers to their rivals. Another possibility is that there is something of an unspoken agreement by the resort owners not to start a discounting war.

Whatever the reason, the visitor to Haad Salad should be pleased that 2015 is a good value year.

We should note that hotels, resorts etc. can change their prices anytime during the year (although they usually don’t), and that at Full Moon time and the peak time of Christmas and New Year the prices shoot up.

Personally, I love Koh Phangan in March. It is low season but the weather is hot and the sea is calm; few people are around and so you can get some real room bargains.

Best Haad Salad Resort

September 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Salad Daze in Resorts - (Comments Off on Best Haad Salad Resort)

Haad Salad is a fairly small beach not only for Koh Phangan but also for the west coast of Koh Phangan, yet it has a surprisingly wide selection of accommodation on offer. I suppose this is testament to how beautiful the beach is; and how this beauty translates into commercial viability.

As this is a blog post rather than the guide part of this website it is acceptable to state personal preferences in hotels and resorts.

The idea of the best resort is fraught with subjectivity – some people value style, others comfort, others location, others service and others price. And then there is the idea of value for money. So if you disagree with my choice, please forgive me – it’s just my opinion.

Haad Salad Villa

Haad Salad Villa
Although Trip Advisor gives Haad Salad Villa a high ranking it is in the category of ‘specialty lodging’ which only has 21 entries. It is also unclear how ‘specialty lodging’ is different to a typical Koh Phangan beach resort. What is clearer is that people really enjoy staying in this beach resort – it is friendly, the bungalows are in a great spot, the staff are friendly and the restaurant is reasonable. In the low season you can get an A/C bungalow for as little as 600 Thai Baht a night. That is good value for Haad Salad.
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Salad Beach Resort

Salad Beach Resort rates Salad Beach Resort as its pick of the Haad Salad Resorts. They rightly point out that this resort is often full while other places on the beach are empty. This is because the resort appeals to families on a mid-range budget.

Salad Beach Resort has bungalows and hotel style rooms. There is a well designed pool and restaurant area overlooking the white sands. The whole resort is well maintained. The rooms are spacious and include air-con, satellite TV, fridge and safety box.

For families it is no problem that everything shuts down at 9pm at this resort. It means that those seeking evening entertainment wander off to other parts of the beach.
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Salad Buri Resort

Salad Buri Resort
The most luxurious and most stylish rooms are to be found at Salad Buri Resort. This is the place that displays the most striking architecture and resort design. The rooms feature dark hardwood and are well appointed. Other than the cheapest Standard Room all the accommodation is of a decent size. The restaurant is in a striking location and the 3-level swimming pool is a cut above others on the beach. The only negative point for Salad Buri Resort, and it is a big negative point, is that the service is not very good. The staff are unhelpful and sometimes verge on the rude. Lots of reviews on the net concur with this opinion.
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Salad Hut

Salad Hut
Agoda particularly rates Salad Hut. And in this I agree. This is a great resort with beachfront bungalows. It is set in beautiful tropical gardens and has a popular restaurant and a medium-sized pool next to the beach.

The rooms feature hardwood floors, plenty of space, TV, air con and mini bar. They also have a large balcony with Bali style day bed and hammock. Accommodation is kept clean and the sheets are regularly washed.

However, the best thing about Salad Hut is the staff. They are friendly and happy to help guests. And since there are only 10 bungalows at this resort they can give plenty of attention to guests. This for me, along with the location and good rooms makes Salad Hut the best accommodation option in Haad Salad.