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Chef Tummy Has Island Hit

January 4th, 2015 | Posted by Salad Daze in Fun - (Comments Off on Chef Tummy Has Island Hit)

Chef Tummy has propelled himself to minor fame through his musical efforts. Chef Tummy is a European who has a cooking school in Haadlad Prestige Resort on Haad Salad Beach. While many might have known that the jolly chubby fellow could hold a tune with a guitar, few would suspect that an ‘artist’ was hiding behind the bonhomie.

Chef Tummy made a recording of a fun song. It’s called ‘No Snow’. He made a video to go with it. It is almost a Christmas song. The chorus mentions the fact that there is no word for ‘snow’ in the Thai language. He claims the song got requests on Thai radio. He might have been played on Thai radio (there isn’t a Koh Phangan radio yet). His YouTube video has managed about 2,000 views in 6 years. I think stardom is a distant dream.

However, Chef Tummy is busy re-recording his best hits and is hoping for crowd funding for the recording and future world tour. He is in collaboration with the supposedly famous Dr. Don G., ‘legendary 1960’s rock guitarist and Beatles cover band impresario’.

Joking aside, the song showcases the charms of the ex-pat life in Koh Phangan and is fairly catchy. It is also good to see an acoustic fight back to all the bland techno / trance / minimal house that is threatening to overrun the island.

Chef Tummy Thai Cooking School

May 8th, 2014 | Posted by Salad Daze in Activities - (Comments Off on Chef Tummy Thai Cooking School)

One of the chief pleasures people find in Thailand is eating. Thailand boasts a unique style of cuisine that combines hot, sweet and sour. It is rich in flavour and full of great ingredients. Thai cooking is gaining in international popularity with Thai restaurants appearing all over Europe and America. Such dishes as green curry and tom yum goong have become part of that list of international dishes that include such favourites as pizza and balti curry.

A great way to impress your friends when you return home from your dream holiday in Koh Phangan is to hold a dinner party and produce some Thai classics. You might think this is a tall order, but not at all. For a start it has become much easier to find some of the key ingredients for Thai dishes such as coconut milk and sweet basil in supermarkets. Such is the global market that we live in.

For those lucky souls that have chosen Haad Salad for their beach holiday one of the best places to learn how to cook a couple of Thai dishes is the delightfully named Chef Tummy Thai Cooking School.

The cooking school is located on the beach at Haadlad Prestige Resort. It is run by a friendly and rotund man who is happy to laugh at himself and call himself chef Tummy. Don’t be deceived by the joviality – he is very serious about making delicious Thai food.

You can choose from a wide selection of Thai dishes for your cooking lesson. In a session you can normally make 2 or 3 different dishes. There are sessions both in the morning and the afternoon.

The cost is 1,500 Thai Baht per person. This includes a trip to the local market where you can get a feel for the natural produce as well as pick up some negotiating tips from Tummy. It’s then back to the beachfront school. Each student has a wok and is given careful guidance from chef Tummy.

Naturally when the cooking is over you get the chance to try your own delicious dishes. Make sure to take notes so that you can replicate the dishes back home.

Who knows it may lead to a new career for you!

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None available at the moment. If you want a lesson just stroll down the beach to Haadlad Prestige Resort and ask for cooking lessons at the restaurant.