Koh Phangan is a long way from Jamaica, however, that has never stopped some Thai lads from adopting rasta hairstyles and smoking tremendous amounts of weed. During the 1980s and 1990s Koh Phangan was very much a backpacker destination. The order of the day was cheap fan bungalows, lots of coughing and reggae music.

Things have moved on and so have many of the backpackers. Bungalows have been upgraded and cheap and cheerful has been replaced as an aesthetic with expensive and slightly pretentious. In many cases the prices in bars and restaurants have gone up but the food and drinks remain the same just presented differently and in different surroundings.

For some Rasta Home will come as a breath of fresh air, as the place is unashamedly out-of-step with the times. It’s a small bar located on the main road between Haad Yao and Haad Salad. It7s a short taxi or motorbike ride from Haad Salad. The reggae bar is impossible to miss on account of the funky appearance. The bar is made from bamboo and traditional weave thatched roof. Inside the roof and walls are adorned with hippy / reggae art work.

The seating is mostly cushions on the floor and platforms. There’s bar seating, and of course hammocks. If you imagine a reggae bar in Koh Phangan you would be imagining Rasta Home.

They have food and cold bottled beers. There is also a cocktail menu and sometimes specials.

Rasta Home is open every night. It is a relaxed and friendly place and a good spot for a drink. At 10pm on Fridays they have a reggae open-mic night. It is a popular event that usually attracts a handsome group of Thai rastas ready to jam the night away. Occasionally a tourist with musical talent will join in.

Some nights the jam really takes off and the bar is a great place to be. If you are lucky you might catch a performance by Koh Phangan’s most famous band – ‘Job2Do’. They play infectious music and will get you swaying along. When events get bigger they move outside and put up a stage. It is a great spot away from accommodation and full of the local natural beauty.

Even when nothing is happening it is a good choice for an evening drink or two.