Pyramid Yoga Centre is an impressive yoga place set back in the hills behind Haad Yao and Haad Salad. If you take the most inland road Haad Yao to Haad Salad and then take a left at the Peppercorn Restaurant you will soon hap upon the Pyramid Yoga Centre. It is a peaceful jungle location, far from the madding crowd, and a nice spot to do some yoga.

If you are heading to Pyramid Yoga Centre then take it slowly when you do the left turn. The signage is not very good, and most people miss the place the first time they go. Once you find the track and drive to the end, you have a short walk up a hill to the centre.

The main yoga hall has a large thatched roof in a pyramid shape. The sides are open which affords a great view of green jungle as you do your yoga. Just a short walk down the hill is the Tree Tops Restaurant that serves tea, filtered water, raw food and health food.

There is a focus on chakras and healing. I see on their website that in August they have a cancer remission retreat. This is yoga for the young and keen to learn, but also for the old and those keen to live longer. They offer a range of yoga styles including Hatha, Kundalini and Pranayama. There is also yoga teacher training courses, fasting and detox programs and traditional Chinese medicine.

The website is one of those slightly irritating dual location productions. There is a lack of information about both the Philippines Pyramid Centre and the Koh Phangan one. They do announce in bg letters in the header:

“OUR MISSION – To share and proliferate the traditional teachings of the Science of Yoga. In so doing, the Scientific aspect of the chakras is presented in the light of Quantum Physics, showing that modern research has come full circle and back to the energy wheels of the Ancients.”

The further you read the sentence, the more confused you tend to become. Whereas quantum physics does display many remarkable parallels with Buddhism and Hinduism as books since the Tao of Physics have explored, the assertion that ‘modern research’ has returned to the ‘wheels of the Ancients’ is harder to prove.

The head teachers are obviously very experienced and have guided many students to a better understanding of themselves. Pyramid Centre in Haad Salad has numerous recommendations. The story of David and his partner Marina is an impressive one. David travelled the world on a ‘yogic journey’ before returning to Canada to set up the first Pyramid Centre in Victoria in 1996. They set up the Koh Phangan branch in 2002. The Chakra Yoga Center in Palawan, Philippines began in 2008.

Telephone: +66(0)77 374130
Address: 58/34, moo 8, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Drop in Classes

Monday to Friday:

7.30 am to 9 am – Sunrise Hatha Yoga
3.30 pm to 5pm – Restorative Yoga
5.30 pm to 7 pm – Sunset Yoga