I have just updated the prices for the hotels, resorts and backpacker places on Salad beach for 2015. We use r24.org as they offer the best prices of all the major booking engines.

I noticed that virtually all the accommodation providers in Haad Salad hadn’t changed their prices for 2015. The only exceptions were Salad Hut (cheapest hut had gone up $3), Haadlad Prestige Resort (again just an extra $3 for their cheapest room) and Salad Buri Resort and Spa. The later has had quite a price hike going from $59 to $70 for their best value rooms.

This is great news for beach lovers. It points to a few possible conclusions. The falling price of oil has meant costs have dropped and so the same prices equate to more profits. Another possibility is that the law of supply and demand has led to few resort owners feeling confident enough to rise prices without gifting customers to their rivals. Another possibility is that there is something of an unspoken agreement by the resort owners not to start a discounting war.

Whatever the reason, the visitor to Haad Salad should be pleased that 2015 is a good value year.

We should note that hotels, resorts etc. can change their prices anytime during the year (although they usually don’t), and that at Full Moon time and the peak time of Christmas and New Year the prices shoot up.

Personally, I love Koh Phangan in March. It is low season but the weather is hot and the sea is calm; few people are around and so you can get some real room bargains.