If you are staying in Haad Salad or another of the North West beaches one activity option that might appeal is Phangan Safari. It is a business that started in 2008 and now in 2014 has become quite a thing.

It started out as a place with a few elephants on the road leading in to Chaloklum. Now they have elephant trekking, snake shows, wild monkeys, crocodiles and squirrels. They have various shows and various options such as treks, feeding the elephants and island tours.

It is worth checking out their website – http://www.phangansafaritour.com/. Aside from being a master class in upper case shouting it has all the prices, times and details for the activities at Phangan Safari. It is unusual to see a company in Koh Phangan so digitally savvy. They even have online tour booking.

Also of note on the website is the page about the cobra snake show. You can see from the video above that it is quite a performance by the snakes and the charmer; the text on the webpage is purple and surreal.

The elephants seem well fed and decently looked after. If you have never ridden an elephant and fancy something exciting take the 30 minute or 1 hour trek through the jungle. However be warned: the elephant has a mind of its own and the steep hill climb and descent are bracing. You have to hold on tight. 1 hour treks cost 800 Thai Baht for adults and 400 Thai Baht for children.

To get to Phangan Safari from Haad Salad you need to get a taxi to Chaloklum. Ask the driver to drop you at Phangan Safari. The alternative is to use a rented motorbike or jeep. The trip takes about 10 minutes.